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March 22, 2017


The question of choosing the "right" food occupies the minds of so many people. They have different opinions on the matter. After all, there are many different theories that, as a rule, contradict and mutually exclude each other. Therefore, a confusion is created. So how and what is the best way to eat?

Of course, we are all different. What is good for one, the other can do harm. In the principles and approaches to understanding what good food is, there are several simple and useful recommendations. They should be followed. For example, the fresher the food, the healthier it is, and the like.

It's good to know what are the substances that our body needs and try to provide them for the body. Almost all people intuitively feel what their body needs, so you should trust your inner instincts. At the same time, it is worthwhile to think about the quality and origin of products that get on our table.

Today I would like to talk about other important aspects related to our nutrition.


Everything that we do in life has that value that appears as a result of the emotions and thoughts that we attach to a concrete action. I recommend you to prepare food with good thoughts. With gratitude for the food available. Prepare with pleasure to experience the joy of the opportunity to please yourself and others by the food prepared. Thus, we can affect the physical and spiritual health of others. During cooking, fill your food with your love. Fill it with positive thoughts about what a long journey each ingredient made from the moment of planting to landing on your table.

Express gratitude to all those people who put their work into it. Today you can use the fruits of their labor for food. Say thank you to the mother nature for its invaluable contribution. Mentally run through all those numerous efforts of nature and men, thanks to which today you can enjoy this food. If you are a believer, then you can read a prayer. Any food should be eaten with joy.

Create a pleasant mood for yourself. Try to turn every meal into a ritual, do not eat on the run, or in a car. Eat with nice people. Eat by candlelight, even if it's a day. Share your cooked meals with other people (e.g. guests, visitors, customers, colleagues, friends).

Feel the taste of each product. Eat slowly, with pleasure! This is not only useful, but also interesting. Feel all the nuances of food, all of its ingredients. When you cook next time, think about the spirit of food, about its time-consuming journey to your table.

With the help of your thoughts, you can change the energy status of food.

By following the above, your perception of food will improve. And if you think in parallel about how it improves your health, then it will have an added value. If you think about what aspects of your personality, mental, physical or any other qualities you will intake with food, thereby it shall also become the food of your personal growth.

 Food can also become your medicine, a means of healing, if necessary. With positive intent and positive thoughts, you can give your food a calming effect, or vice versa - visualize how during a meal you get a boost of energy. Even if you have to eat foods that you think are extremely harmful, but your body really wants them, try not to pay attention to its shortcomings. Sincerely rejoice at its taste and all those many wonderful qualities that it gives you, for example, raising the level of emotional comfort.

2. The acid-alkaline level of pH of body.

Talking about different types of dietary habits and diets, I would like to highlight an "alkaline diet." This is something that brings real benefits. Therefore, I advise you to pay attention to it. On the Internet, you can find all kinds of information about this diet and how to determine the average pH level of your body. From my standpoint, I can only add that this is also consistent with my vision. In case of acid-alkaline imbalance, that is, increased acid (prevalent) and alkaline (less common) environment in the body is the cause of various diseases.

To reduce the acidic level of the body, I recommend that you drink soda, diluted with water. Drinking soda can really protect people from cancer so that its use can improve the health of cancer patients, stop the development of the disease and promote recovery. Actually, the cancer patients have expressed acidic environment in the body. Therefore, we can conclude that often this disease is caused precisely by this aspect. In addition, I recommend drinking water with a higher pH and water with a lemon.

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