What kind of feelings encounter self-murderers?

May 4, 2017


Quite often relatives bereaved by suicide make an appointment to visit me, asking desperately why it happened ...? I will share with you information about the people who have decided to commit suicide.

First, I will tell you about people who have not committed suicide, but relatives mistakenly believe that it happened. In this case, the deceased insistently and desperately trying to pass on to their loved ones a message that it was not actually a suicide. The deceased is very active and interested in communication with the living. The diametrically opposite situation happens with the true self-murderers. They avoid contacting the living. Besides, they are often aggressive due to the fact that their peace and quiet was disturbed by the intrusive questions of their living relatives. Sometimes they still do not feel any regret for what they committed, believing that they ultimately did the right thing.
What actually happened? People come to earth to evolve spiritually, to grow in Love. On the way of finding love, they encounter a full range of different obstacles. For example, envy, hostility ... The soul must learn to deal with these obstacles. Therefore, the soul has to undergo specific lessons of the given lifetime, the tasks that she has chosen for the upcoming life. People commit suicide because they are unable to cope with their tasks. They simply give up. Life is too hard for them to live. At the same time, their life-task was not completed. i.e., they died in vain. Their bodies have failed the task of leading productive life However, this life task does not disappear anywhere after death. The soul will need to undergo it again. This failure is not condemned "in the sky". And yet, the soul once being "above", sooner or later gets the understanding that her actions were wrong.

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