Ghost soldier and "revenge of the holy place."

July 11, 2017


At that time, when a woman was at home, she could feel someone's a presence. It began seven years ago. Sometimes a silhouette was visible, which slid around the room, and every day she felt someone's physical touch, although there was no one nearby. Her husband rarely, but also witnessed these paranormal phenomena.

Prehistory of the events.

Near the house is a plot of land, which is under the protection. I do not remember whether there was once a sacred place, or there is a prohibition to cultivate the land because of the natural terrain, but one fine day there arrived unauthorized persons who swiftly commenced large-scale earthworks. This was the moment when the lady of the house was suddenly visited by uninvited mysterious visitors who broke the peace of the living. In fact, the spirits of the dead tend to transmit their messages to the people selected among those who are more sensitive and receptive. If they realize that they are able to attract a person's attention, their actions become more pronounced. The lady of the house, not because of the ghost, but because of her innate sense of justice, went to tell the illegal diggers to stop their illegal activities. In return, she was then strongly advised: “to mind her own business.”

For a while, she struggled with the offenders, and during that time any mystical events ceased in the household. However, when the earthworks organizer - an affluent man with great connections began to threaten her, the woman stopped in her struggle for justice. Thus, her life became quite hectic because of the unwanted guests from the spirit world.

When I arrived at the house to the woman and began to search for troublemakers, I saw in the garden a spirit of the deceased soldier. He was wearing a long wartime coat. This spirit considered himself to be the one and only owner of the area and tried hard to scare everybody out of there. He quickly moved across the area at lightning speed by changing his location. Repeatedly scaring me, he quickly approached, coming very close to my face, then run away again, only to approach me again. His greatest desire was to get me out of there. Yes! This soldier also was the cause of the troubled life of the woman. The spirit has bound himself to live on earth, and many years after the death of the body was not able to leave the plot of land, believing himself to be its master.

In addition, in the garden, I saw a dead old woman standing with a scarf on her head. This old lady, although not involved in any live entertainment of the hosts, just stuck between two worlds.

Applying my long-proven techniques I have been able to release the soldier and the granny from binding to the earthly life.

As usually happens in such situations, I opened a "portal" through which the dead are able to pass to the "kingdom of heaven". The soldier, although little reluctant at first, when he saw that he was going to meet his friends and relatives long deceased, very willingly left the earth plane. Interestingly, that this procedure was accompanied by the owner's dog growling and barking, thus incredibly surprising its owners. Usually, the dog is very good-natured and this kind of behavior is not typical at all. The fact is that the animals are also able to see what I see, but the vast majority of people are unable to see.

The ability to leave the earth have chosen for themselves a few souls who were paying attention to the possibility to leave the binding to the earth plane. They hurried to the "portal" from the neighborhood. So I left the "portal" open for a while so that those dead who felt this opportunity would use it. Of course, a few days later, I remotely connected to this household and removed the portal.

After the work done in the garden, I came to the owners of the house, to tell them about my experience, what I actually have done, and what I saw. After the story of a soldier, they told me that their granddaughter once saw a soldier in the yard. He was wearing a long coat and she was terribly frightened of him. When I described what I saw, the owners of the property told me that the granny, which falls under the description, has died two years ago.

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